Vastu Training Contents


Course Contents Basics

1st Hours

- Understanding the basics Vastu Shastra Or with step by step Technique to effects of any building
- Effects of an Entrance In Vastu
- Discovering Power of Directions. Recognising 16 Directions inside any building.North Nne EEn East Ees Se South Ssw Wsw West Wwn NorthWest NNw North NNe
- How to read a Compass and find direction? Learn How to Find North from Google Maps
- Area occupied by each direction inside a building for practical working.
- Learn PanchTatva Five Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space)

2nd Hours

- How To Make Drawing For Good Result For Vastu
- Starting Knowledge Of Auto Cad
- Learn how to read and make a to the scale map of a building for an accurate Vastu diagnosis.

3rd Hours

- Effect of each room and activity in each of the 16 directional zones.
- Learn PanchTatva Five Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space) Learn Creative Cycle of Elements, Destructive Cycle of Elements and Balancing of Five Elements as per Advance Techniques

4th Hours

- 8 Step Method to evaluate effects of a building.
- Effect Of Colours In Vastu Shastra
- Manage them with Advance Techniques and Vastu Remedies.
- How imbalance of five elements is creating problems and unwanted situations?

Day 2

1st Hours

- Learn the Effects of Cut and Extended Directions in Irregular Shaped Buildings and How to Manage them with Advance Techniques and Vastu Remedies.
- How to apply Vastu for irregular shaped plots?
- How to work with Earth Energy Fields and the fields developing inside a building (also known as 45 devtas and 8 Direction Devta in VastuPurush Mandala) to remove bad Energy
- Learn How to get Quick Results by chanting Different Mantras in Different Directions.

2nd Hours

- Learn to use pyramids wisely for maximising a particular effect in a building.
- How to nullify negative effect of an entrance with colour strips at threshold?
- How to utilise different colours of lights and bulbs to increase or balance power of any directional zone?
- How to treat effectively wrong toilet location and extended portions of a building with metal strips in the floor and avoid reconstructions?
- How different types of plants in different directions control the outcome of actions performed in a building?
- How to objects and appliances like T.V., Mixer Grinder, Music System and Instruments, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, A.C., Microwave and others? How to use them as effective Vastu solutions in any building?
- How to use the Meditative State (dhyaan) for problem solving, developing a sense of intuition and perceive earth energy fields
- How to master your own life and achieve your goals and desires in life

3rd Hours

- Learn About Human Aura
- Effect of 7 Chakras Of Human Body
- Role of Human Body Enrgy In Vastu Shastra.
- How To Balance Of Chakras

4th hours

- How to Checking And Balance Human Energy Aura And Chakras
- How buildings and earth energies affect your health?

Day 3

- Full Day Advance Vastu Course
- How To Find & Remedies Geopathic Stress Line In Our Building?
- How To Find And Remedies Any Negative Energy (Like Ir ,Uv ,-Ng ,Gs Etc)
- Easy Learn With Vastu Helping Tools Aura Scanner ,Lecher Antenna & H-4 Finder For Professional Vastu Consultant
- Certificate Distribution
After Training, You will become a Certified Advance Vastu Consultant. We are Happy to have you in Rakesh K. Bhardwaj Family (Md Of Snic Geotech & Vastuhelpline) We Wish you Happy Learning.