About Vastu Helpline

Sh. Rakesh Bhardwaj is one of the renowned personalities amongst the worlds leading Vastu advisors and famous Vaastu Shastra Training Consultants. He possess large experience in this field and deals in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning & Aura Scanning etc. His scientific logics & explanations makes him distinct from other traditional Vastu consultants. As Best vastu consultant offering vastu shastra services, vaidic vastu shastra services, residential vastu services, commercial vastu services and industrial vastu services.

Practical Vastu Training
Snic Geotech provides practical vastu training with use of scientific vastu equipments & products. Our team includes highly experienced staff with great educational background in regard to vastu training. After training we also provide vastu equipments and products which helps the students to start their career. We also provide certificate of training after completion of vastu training course. We answer your all questions and problems in regard to vastu shastra study.

What is Vastu ?
Vastu word means the place for living and Shastra means to make the place ideal for living. An architect can make a house for living but can’t provide peace, happiness, process of generating generation, good health and development in all aspect of life.

Vastu Shastra is only science in world that provide solid proof of achievements by which we can attain our happiness, peace, wealth, development, higher education, happy married life, healthy life, generating generation etc in life.

There are three fundamental necessities of human (roti, kapra or makan) i.e food for life, cloths to wear and a house to live-in. A man can mange for earning as well as dresses to wear but an ideal house for living is a great problem for him! In such a period of inflation it makes very hard for it. So why shouldn’t have an ideal home where everything like peace, happiness, wealth, mann-sanmaan etc.

Vastu Shastra arose from Vedas i.e from Athrav veda, also its finding are in purans like Matasya puran, Agni puran, Ramayan and Mahabhart. Besides this Vishavkarma Rishi May 18 other Rishi’s like Brigu, Brihashpati,Narad, Attri and Vishisht etc. also provides information regarding Vastu Shastra.

Traditional Granths like Maansar, Mayamtam, Samrangan Sutardhaar also mention the Vastu Shastra’s edicts.

Basic concept of Vastu Shastra mention the nature of five basic elements like water, air, fire, earth, sky. From these five basic elements the creation of this universe as well as human being was created.

Vastu Shastra creates an ideal home for our living which generates positive vibrations providing us peaceful and ideal living so that we can achieve everything in our life.